Our ecological tours and hikes are experiences that you should not miss when visiting Finca Temática Cafetera Las Mercedes. All our walks are guided by a person specialized in the area, who not only knows perfectly the geography of the place but also the process of growing coffee.

Coffee Tour

In this tour for coffee lovers you will discover all the mysteries of this versatile plant and you will better understand better the process of transformation of the grain to the cup. Learn how the unique climate of our region provides the optimal conditions to harvest our gourmet coffee, Café Kumaka.

Our coffee grower will explain the key characteristics of good coffee, both in aroma and flavor and will perform a tasting exercise to identify your favorite coffee.

After seeing the manual and meticulous process required to grow, harvest, dry, toast, grind and prepare a coffee cup. You will never see coffee the same way again.

At the end of the experience you will have the opportunity to buy our freshly roasted Cafe Kumaka, of quality and directly from its origin. Take home a real and special souvenir of Finca Temática Cafetera Las Mercedes.

Ecological walk

Our ecological walks are interactive and seek to highlight the beauty of the mountains surrounding, Finca Temática Cafetera Las Mercedes. We give importance to the care of the environment, seeking to minimize the ecological impact on our routes.
This unforgettable journey allows you to see the forests that serve as a refuge for all the emblematic fauna of our mountains. Discover another world as you walk our paths and admire the spectacular views of our region.
Appreciate how the micro-climates of our country, together with the fertile land create the ideal conditions to harvest our gourmet coffee Café Kumaka. Do not forget to bring comfortable shoes, a hat and your camera!

Ecological Bicycle Tour

As with our Ecological Walk, enjoy a bike ride around Finca Temática Cafetera Las Mercedes, and through the town of Cumaca or Tibacuy. This is an unforgettable way to get to know the region and have a good time in the company of nature and exercise.