About C&D Purveyors Inc

C&D Purveyors Inc is a family-owned specialty coffee and derivates company located in Miami Florida. Through our own farm and with help from our partners in the industry, we strive to provide high-quality coffees and coffee related services such as but not limited to:

- High quality arabica green coffee offerings in various varieties

- Coffee processing from farm to cup (drying, milling, roasting and grinding, packing and exporting)

- Customs and brokerage help anywhere in the world.


At C&D Purveyors Inc, it’s our mission to source and deliver high-quality green coffee and other coffee related products to customers across the world; to use our global logistics chain to source the finest coffees and bring to you, superior products.
Our many decades of experience in the coffee world can help you navigate through the dense specialty coffee ecosystem and bring to you only the best coffee for your business or personal use.


The C&D Purveyors Inc main goal is to be an outstanding company around the world providing the best coffee and coffee derivates, creating an unforgettable experience for all our customers: roasters, merchants and people who loves to begin the day with a delicious cup of coffee. .


Address: 7274 NW 70th St Miami Fl 33166
Tel: +1 (786)-859-3102
Email: events@cndpurveyors.com